Doin’ It, Right

Lyrics for Doin’ It, Right by Cheers Elephant

I know you feel a ticking ticking time bomb
a spinning wheel that’s catching up behind them.
Making friends, talkin’ bad on the little people you don’t know, no more.
And if you find, you never really had doubt. And in the signs you never really find out.
Out of everyone I think we had our days, OK!

Cause’ I’m…doing it. RIGHT!
I’m doing it, RIGHT!

You lost it all and now you gotta move on,
drop the ball and you will need a new one.
What can I, What can I say to separate it.
Draw a line, grab a pin, pop, and deflate it.

Livin’ lies, you’re never gunna’ grow up.
Your kicking side, the teams that never show up.
Oh baby baby baby, you could end up anywhere.
I don’t care Cause’

(Chorus) x2

Wherever it takes me, wherever it takes me, where it takes me
Wherever it takes me, wherever it takes me, wherever it takes me
I’m gunna’ go…


Lyrics submitted by Autumn Byrd